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Live Shopping Advisor – Ecommerce consulting and live tracking with your online shop

  • The Live Shopping Advisor (LSA) allows a direct, real time sales approach and ecommerce consulting on your own website.
  • The internet sales’ consulting gap can be closed by using the Live Shopping Advisor.
  • The LSA comes with the attributes of a live tracking tool.
  • The possibility of integrating the corporate design accomplishes a high seriousness and increases the user’s and employee’s identification with the company.


Besides the possibility, that operators (salesman) are able to address the user (customer) proactively, also the users are able to address the operators per text-, audio- and video-chat. The designation by user can be disconnected.


For the users, the chat software runs out of the browser and opens transparently on the website. The Live Shopping Advisor just has to be installed on the operator’s computer (Windows Mac OS and Linux) and have to be integrated into the website. After that the chat software is fully ready to use immediately. The LSA runs out of the operator’s desktop transparently.


For installation only a 5 line HTML/JavaScript code or another module (for DNN users) has to be integrated into the website’s code. After integration, this program segment is ready to use immediately. Additionally an Air-file will be installed on each operator’s computer. After these preparations the Live Shopping Advisor is fully operable. In this way also the installation on MacOS and Linux works.

Special Features:

With the help of ecommerce consulting, the operator is able to conduct and lead the user on websites. Because of live tracking attributes of the chat software, the website operator gets a variety of information about the customers, e.g.:

  • Browser
  • Language
  • Origin (Country / City)
  • Path on the website
  • From which site the user comes
  • Operating system
  • Actual Site
  • Color matching
  • Screen resolution
  • Plug-ins
  • Provider
  • Size of browser window
  • Scope of user to website
  • Internet connection (DSL or ISDN)

The Live Shopping Advisor could be allocated into different parameters, which helps to select several users on the website. If these parameters apply to a user, the operator will be informed. This helps to filter which user needs help. Example: The parameter is the retention period on a product site. If the time is exceeded, the operator will be informed automatically. So the operator can consult the user proactively.


There are two possibilities to change the design:

  • The color of the chat software can be changed independently by the user.
  • In cooperation with THINK5 the program design can be adjusted to the corporate design of each company and brand.


Die Live Shopping Advisor runs undisturbed by a minimum 5.000 user, which are on the website on the same time..

Log files:

  • The complete written traffic, whether on single contact or chatroom level, would be saved. These log files can be imported to Excel.
  • Your advantage: all conversation records will be created to documentation fast and easy.
Message store:

Whenever the operator or support is offline, the users can send him a message. During the next log in, this message will be delivered with a time stamp.


The Live Shopping Advisor is available as a hosted-version initially, later on also as a setup-version. The script for website integration communicates then optionally with one of the two versions. In the hosted-version, all chat-services are provided by the THINK5 Server, this includes:

  • Server Hardware
  • Software licenses
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Scope of network
  • Traffic

In the (at a later date scheduled) setup-version, the chat software will be installed and adjusted by the customer (similar to an email server) and operates it in his own network.

Licenses (Hosted-version):

  • 50 Users
  • 100 Users
  • 250 Users
  • 500 Users
  • More that 500 Users (on request)


Besides self-created user names, also avatars, e.g. images, icons or graphics can be included. Avatars from existing, foreign systems can be linked easily to the chat, e.g.

Availability status:

By using the Live Shopping Advisor, different stadiums can be chosen:

  • away
  • extended away
  • offline
  • online
  • do not disturb

The real time availability status effects, that if one user leaves the chat, the software reports him as “offline” immediately. As a result: Users will not be connected if they are offline.

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