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Live Shopping Advisor – Innovative technology for real time ecommerce consulting

The THINK5 Live Shopping Advisor allows, by using the innovative LSA-Technology, active sales by personal real time ecommerce consulting (customer consulting) on sales websites and in online shops. That leads to a new consulting dimension in the world of internet sales. For the installation, only a 5 line HTML/JavaScript Code have to be integrated into the own website’s code and an installation file has to be installed on the operator’s computer. After that the chat software is fully ready to use immediately. The Live Shopping Advisor runs out of the browser, so the users do not have to install the software, they just need to log on the website. To encourage the operator, different parameters can be chosen to select the users target-oriented. If the parameters apply to a user, this will be reported to the operator. The operator is than able to address the user proactively. Thus the innovative technology of the LSA is able to close the consulting gap in the internet. Furthermore the integration of the company’s own corporate design accomplishes a high seriousness and identification of the users and employees with the company.

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