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GroupChat Web Solution – create your own community chat, blindingly easy

  • Users can meet on your website, chat, see each other, 1:1 and in rooms
  • Communication with business partners and customers on the own website
  • Real-time text-, audio- and video-chat
  • Runs completely transparent on top of any existing website, no Pop-Ups, no small chat containers, a GroupChat unique feature, compare!
  • Fast and easy installation, with only a couple of HTML/JavaScript lines of code or an instant CMS module, which just needs to be uploaded.
  • No installation for website visitors – chat software runs out of the browser
  • Integration on any website possible, independent from the underlying technology
  • Usage of the own corporate design is possible
  • Text-chat up to 5.000 users simultaneously, rock solid Jabber protocol architecture
  • Real-time status updates (after stopping the chat, all users will be informed immediately)
  • Setup of any numerous chat rooms possible
  • The number of chat rooms is unlimited
  • Video-chat rooms with up to 25 users simultaneously are possible
  • Initiation of moderators
  • Add new values to your website by adding a chat community
  • Also useful via other messenger programs, like Miranda, by using GroupChat´s open Jabber architecture
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