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GroupChat Web Solution – Facts and figures of the chat software

  • Because of the GroupChat Web Solution, each Website gets the functionality of a social network, where users can meet and communicate via text-, audio- oder video-chat (community chat). The website gets more interactive and consequently more attractive for the user.
  • The users can be addressed proactively – this leads to a support-possibility of the website-operator.
  • The own website can be used for online video conferences and meetings via webcam chat.
  • The integration of the chat software GroupChat Web Solution increases the user’s retention time on the website (positive effect of social network).
  • The possibility of using the companies owns corporate design increases the user’s and employee’s identification with the company.


The Real-time text-, audio- and video-chat leads to a fast and direct communication on a website and achieves a new and effective quality. Users can also attend the text-chat via smartphone.


The users of websites do not have to install the GroupChat Web Solution, the chat software runs out of the browser and opens up transparent in the website. No Pop-ups will be opend, so the users do not have to leave the website.


For the installation of this chat software, simply a 5 line HTML/JavaScript Code or another module (e.g. for DotNetNuke users) has to be integrated into the code of the website. After including this code, the chat software is ready for use, immediately.


There are two possibilities to change the software’s design:

  • The color of the chat software can be changed self-contained.
  • In cooperation with THINK5 the program-design can be adapted to the corporate design of each company and brand.


  • Up to 5.000 users are able to communicate simultaneously in the text-chat of the GroupChat Web Solution.
  • Up to 25 users can communicate simultaneously in one chat room via video-chat. The number of users is only limited, because of the scope of the several clients. 
  • The chat software can be added to unlimited user-profiles.
  • The users can choose between one-to-one-chat or several chat rooms.

Log files:

  • The complete written traffic, whether single contact- or on room-level will be saved. These Log files can be imported to MS Excel.
  • Your advantage: all conversation records will be created for documentation fast and easy.
Message store:

Whenever a user is offline, other users can send him a message. After the next registration the user will receive the stored message with a time stamp.


The GroupChat Web Solution is available as a hosted- as well as a setup-version. The script for website integration communicates optionally with one of the two versions. In the hosted-version, all chat-services are provided by the THINK5 Server, this includes:

  • Server Hardware
  • Software licenses
  • Software setup and maintenance
  • Scope of network
  • Traffic

In the setup-version, the chat software will be installed and adjusted by the customer (similar to an email server) and operates it in his own network.


  • 50 Users
  • 100 Users
  • 250 Users
  • 500 Users
  • 2.500 Users
  • 5.000 Users
  • More than 5.000 Users (on request)

A Twitter-account can be linked to any chat room; every entry will be published then on Twitter. In this case, users can get into contact with the chat via Twitter.


The several chat rooms can be guided by moderators. The moderator is able to control each entry before publication and to delete or to edit the entries, if necessary (censorship). Furthermore it is possible to exclude several users for a specific period or permanently, if an erratic behavior is on hand.

Video recording:

With the use of a webcam there is the possibility, to record videos up to three hours length. These videos can be distributed to several or all users. Furthermore they can be sent by email to any other person or to be integrated into the website (like Youtube).


Besides self-created user names, also avatars, e.g. images, icons or graphics can be included. Avatars from existing, foreign systems can be linked easily to the chat, e.g.

Inviting friends:

Friends can be invited out of the chat, therefore an email will be sent over the chat program, including a link to the chat.

Contact list:

In the contact list, there are three modes:

  • Everyone sees everyone
  • Operators (users with more rights) see the users
  • Community mode: Request friends and build up contact lists

Rolls and rights:

The users can be devided into different right categories:

  • Moderators
  • Registered users
  • Guests


The Admin has the possibility to create several chat rooms, e.g. exclusive rooms for registered users.

Availability status:

Different stadiums can be chosen in the chat: 

  • away
  • extended away
  • offline
  • online
  • do not disturb

The real time availability status effects, that if one user leaves the chat, the chat software immediately reports him as “offline”. As a result: Users will not be connected, if they are offline. 

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