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DotNetNuke Chat Modul

The GroupChat Web Solution can be integrated fast an easy into an existing DotNetNuke portal in two ways.
On the one hand you can integrate the GroupChat by a just few line HTML/JavaScript code into the skin template; on the other hand you can do this by a ready DNN module. The chat module allows a text-, audio and video-communication together with GroupChat Server services. These services you can use as a hosted solution about Think5 or as an own setup solution.

The Hosted GroupChat option is the fastest possibility to start an own video-chat. The whole Chat-services will be provided by THINK5 and its data center, this includes: Server setup, maintenance, server and product licenses, brand width and traffic. You can also choose the setup-version to install the chat program by your own and to operate it in your own network, like an e-mail server.

DotNetNuke GroupChat for DotNetNuke
GroupChat is tight integrated with DotNetNuke, including DNN based administration, user sync with role providers, content module and skin based embedding. An instant DNN 4.x, 5.x module zip-file exists for portal installation. The module can either connect to the Hosted- or Setup-GroupChat Server version. Details are described in the GroupChat Wiki. Quick setup: See module installation and start with hosted demo settings.

DNN-Modul Installation

The GroupChat is integrated into the DotNetNuke portal by installing the dnnGroupChat PA package - like any other module using the common DNN installation way (Login to your DNN Installation then open the DNN Menu: Host > Module Definitions > Install New Module > Upload the ZIP File).

After installation, the DotNetNuke chat module exposes the following ways of portal interaction:

  • GroupChat module for placement in a content pane area - this module is mainly for admin purposes. The module itself displays a brief summary of current GroupChat-Server statistics with two links:
    • View Control: This control opens the GroupChat-Client for adhoc usage and installation testing
    • Edit Control: This control exposes the admin functionality for the GroupChat-Server, e.g. to specify the server network settings (necessary to setup before first usage when the default settings are changed during server installation), to add and delete multi-user-chatrooms, set userrights, view chat-logs and so on (see product features here)
  • GroupChat Skin-Control: To place a customizeable Chat-Link and Chat-Status-Info into the template (skin) of dotnetnuke.

DotNetNuke Chat Modul Installation

A short video shows the DNN-Modul Installationsschritte.

Further details you can find in our GroupChat Wiki.

Read more information about the Role Provider.

<a href="javascript:gcShowHideChat()">Chat Show/Hide</a>
<script language="JavaScript">
gc = new Object();
gc.uid = 'demo';
script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

[A mini example to paste into any existing website, using a demo server - try it out!]

All modules and servers are available in the download section. For platform independent script embedding even no download is necessary.

A GroupChat community or business license is available in our Shop.