SuperRTL was searching for a powerful replacement for their obsolete chat server. The GroupChat Server offers just that.

The visual customization of the GroupChat Server is freely definable in flash. Combined with the open interfaces this not only allows the development of any kind of animation, but also enables the implementation of avatars. In the specific case of SuperRTL, the chat is conducted via individual, usergenerated avatars. The users also have access to another visual feature. The toggo shockers allow chatters to send oversized greetings across the screen to other users. This feature constituted a USP for our client, as these kinds of messages are not possible with traditional emoticons.
In order to cope with the high volume of traffic that this portal has a separate moderation room was set up where several moderators can supervise multiple chatrooms simultaneously.
By optimizing the interface for young children, the chat has become easier to use and is visually more appealing to its target group. The Server can easily accommodate more than a thousand users simultaneously in multiple chatrooms without reducing its performance. And with over 200.000 users it is imperative that the chat environment supports load balancing for the moderation process.
Think5 were also able to provide themed chats without stretching the customers budget by utilizing the highly granular nature of the rights-structure in the jabber environment.